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A Cosmic Dancer

the very sweet little laughter
26 September
I was born, and I am living.

When Miguel Angel Asturias Disappeared

Skillful striker of silex
grandly flinging golden grain into the thick mane
of the hippocampal night
crazy diamond sower
axbreaker like no tree in the forest
Miguel Angel used to sit on the ground itself
arranging a grigri in the knuckle bone of his words
four white sun words
four red ceiba words
four coral snake words

Miguel Angel poured a glassful
of astral tafia macerated nine months
simmering in the nonexistent mugpiece of volcanoes
and their obsidian trachea

in the depths of his eyes Miguel Angel observes
seeds rising solemnly toward their arboreal contours

with his pen Miguel Angel caressed
the great skull-cap of winds and the polar vortex

with green pine trees Miguel Angel ignited
the blue-headed parrots of the night

Miguel Angel perfused a blood of milky stars
of mottled veins of floral light over the grey imprint
of the hour of the day of days of time of times

And then
Miguel Angel unleased his severe musics
a bow-like music
a music of waves and calabashes
a moaning river-music
punctuated by the gunshots of sapucaia fruit
And the quartz chisels began to strike
the jade needles stirred the silex knives
and the resinous trees

O Miguel Angel you glowworm wizard
the shaman toppled entangled in his crazed arms
with all his pendants of bewildered machines
with the very sweet little laughter of the sea
into the ticklish necks of coves
and with the meticulous friendship of the Great Wind

When the arrows of Death reached Miguel Angel
he was not seen lying down
but rather unfolding his great height
at the bottom of the lake which lit up

Miguel Angel immersed his human skin
and donned his dolphin skin

Miguel Angel took off his dolphin skin
and changed into a rainbow

Miguel Angel discarding his blue water skin
donned his volcano skin

and settled, an ever green mountain
on the horizon of all men.

- Aimé Césaire, translated by Clayton Eshleman and Annette Smith

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